Thursday, June 25, 2009

CALENTITA - Tastes from the Melting Pot

On last Friday in Gibraltar took place Calentita, the food festival. It was organized by the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with Word of Mouth Production and it has marked the end of the Spring Festival. Calentita is the Gibraltar's national dish, a yummy bread made from chickpea flour, water, olive oil, salt and pepper. Caliente means hot and calentita it has been sold many years in streets fresh and warm, hence the name of it. But the festival it's not only about it, but it is a common effort of those 12 nationalities living in Gibraltar, all of them participating with their traditional and delicious home-made delicacies.

We arrived there early, at 9,00 o' clock (in the evening), but already the Casemates Square was full of people. There were 15 tents belonging to German, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Gibraltarian, Maltese, British, Hindu, Nepalese, Moroccan and Jeweish communities.

After I took a lot of pictures, trying to go through the crowd or lifting up my camera over the heads, we decided that it's time to eat something. And because it was impossible to buy some Moroccans pinchitos, we went directly to the tent no 4 where a giant paella with mariscos was sold for 50 pence per portion, delicious!!!! But we didn't stopped there, we tasted the yummy calentita and some delicious Gibraltarian desserts, like "mama used to do"(said my partner Clive, who's a Gibraltarian).
The stall no 5, which brought exotic tastes from Sri Lanka it was run by a local charity AKIN (Association for Kids in Need) and the raised funds will go to their activities, including Tsunami Relief .
Also, the stall no 13, it was run by a Gibraltarian Charity, Clinic Nepal.

And because Calentita it's a street party, we had music, the debut of "Miss Gibraltar", flamenco dance, laser display and an amazing fireworks.
What can one ask more ? We ended the night at Nelson's with friends, drinking beer and listening to music. I can't wait the next year's Calentita and I'm determined to fight to get a Moroccan pinchito and some honey and almonds cookies, mmmmm...yummy....The pictures I've taken are only snapshots, I took only my camera with normal lens, no tripod, no diffuser, no telephoto lens, no external flash...I wanted to enjoy the party like everybody else. And I surely did.

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  1. yummy party!!! :) I love these street events!!