Tuesday, August 18, 2009


As small as it is, Gibraltar has a very vibrant life, every week there are lots of events taking place here. This week, starting with 19th of August till 23rd of August "Gibraltar Ocean Festival" will invite people to a classical music concert, a Day Rally to Morocco providing the traditional Moroccan lunch in Smir, then a charity fashion on the Rock, followed the next day by a funky summer charity party with live music. Saturday the 22nd brings a Yacht Poker Run and a rock party featuring local bands. For 500 Euros, one can get a full package available for a yacht up to 12 metres to include berthing during the festival, two tickets for each of the classical concert, charity fashion show, summer party and rock party, plus the lunch in Morocco and the entrance for the Yacht Poker Fun. Sounds lovely, but not for me. If I'd have 500 Euros not knowing what to do with it, I think I'd rather prefer to buy a very good external flash for my camera....

Another event is expected to take place at the end of August, when a massive charity fun day is being planned when Nick Poole, the Jersey-based yachtsman will be welcomed into Ocean Village. Nick plans to sail single-handedly the 1800 miles from Jersey to Gibraltar in a 1972 18 foot Drascombe Lugger. The trip is Nick's own personal Challenge-4Ben which is a moving set up in memory of his son Ben Poole, a Royal Marine who died tragically in July 2008. Nick has chosen to sail to Gibraltar in respect of the historical link between the Marines and Gibraltar. The event will be organized by the Rotary Club and all the proceeds raised will be donated to Jersey charities and Help for Heroes.

Considering that this month it took place also the 4th Annual International Harley and Custom Bike rally, a very popular bike rally for now here and also every Tuesday and Thursday of the month the Casemates Square was full of people enjoying the Summer Nights Festival, you can say August is a very busy time.

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun, especially the Harley rally. Thanks for stopping by and visiting too. I appreciate your comments on my photography!