Friday, April 30, 2010


For One Moment meeting, please go on Lynda's blog "A la mode stuff". There you will find the details, the banner, and the following statement:
"OM [one moment] meet up is a weekly gathering of shared moments that make each of us pause and connect with life. Learn more here and join us!"

This week it was a relatively quiet one, but I still had my "moment". On Wednesday afternoon, coming home, I've noticed while the car was driving along the Atunara beach, certain amounts of people enjoying themselves in the sun, colourful umbrellas, funny and in trend bathing-suits, children playing around, laughs and cheerfulness. How fast we change our mood with the weather whims ! It was enough a succession of few sunny days to fill our hearts with joy and excitement; it was enough the temperature to hit 27 degrees Celsius to make us to run, forgetting is not summer yet, to the beach....we are so easy to manipulate, hmm..

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Alexandra Nechita amazed the arts' world at age of nine when she had her first exhibition in Los Angeles followed by her first appearance at CBS Sunday Morning show. Due to her cubist style she was nicknamed " The Petite Picasso" and sometimes "Mozart with a paintbrush", but her painting seems to be more influenced by artists as Chagall, Miro or Matisse . Born in Romania in 1985, three months after her father escaped from the communist oppressive regime, Alexandra and her family now live in California (USA) since 1987.
Aged 25 Alexandra has a real career behind including numerous exhibits in USA, New Zealand, Australia and Europe, appearances on different shows: NB C's Today, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, NBC Nightly News, etc; she was also invited in Japan by the Osaka Junior Chamber of Commerce to be their Top Outstanding Young Persons and had the opportunity to meet the Emperor and Empress of Japan; she's collaborated at many projects, foundations and charity programmes and shows.
As a plus she's a very charismatic, modest and charming person, one of the most appreciated contemporary artist.
Source photo, here.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I can't remember how I discovered Alex Kopps' work: maybe on mint or on my love for you... anyway, the fact is I was struck by the beauty and the originality of his art. Still my attempts to learn more of him have failed, and I think a reasonable explanation has been given here.
From a short biography one can learn that Alex Kopps attended school at the California College of Arts in San Francisco; he paints with gouache on wood and paper, but also uses other materials to create amazing compositions; he's an imaginative photographer and an intriguing film-maker. His work has been part of many exhibitions, here's a detailed list.
More about him, about his projects, prints, mixed media, films and a contact address are to be find on his website.
I like to believe he prefers (and enjoys) to live in his way, in a communion with the overwhelming and in the same time fascinating nature, which doesn't need many words, and he reserves the right when to keep for himself or to share the beauty he experiences through his art.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Still don't know what to say about this spring, it seems it changes its mind every other minute..I've been longing for long time to go out for shooting sessions, but the only thing I managed to do between two rain's falls was to pick up wild daisies. They remind me of Kathryn Kelly from "You've got mail" and her love for daisies.
"Aren't they friendly ?"