Thursday, April 22, 2010


I can't remember how I discovered Alex Kopps' work: maybe on mint or on my love for you... anyway, the fact is I was struck by the beauty and the originality of his art. Still my attempts to learn more of him have failed, and I think a reasonable explanation has been given here.
From a short biography one can learn that Alex Kopps attended school at the California College of Arts in San Francisco; he paints with gouache on wood and paper, but also uses other materials to create amazing compositions; he's an imaginative photographer and an intriguing film-maker. His work has been part of many exhibitions, here's a detailed list.
More about him, about his projects, prints, mixed media, films and a contact address are to be find on his website.
I like to believe he prefers (and enjoys) to live in his way, in a communion with the overwhelming and in the same time fascinating nature, which doesn't need many words, and he reserves the right when to keep for himself or to share the beauty he experiences through his art.

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