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Marc Yeats is a contemporary classical composer and visual artist. He started to paint at age of fourteen, and at fifteen his paintings were already sold through different art galleries in South West of England. For almost ten years he developed and refined his technique creating amazingly beautiful landscape paintings (which are almost entirely sold being now in private collections). Finding the photo-realistic style too limited and then leaving England for Scotland, Marc finally discovered other ways to express his artistic sensitivity slipping slowly into the world of abstraction. Still based on landscape his late paintings show surprising emotions converted in unexpected colours and shapes. His work has been exhibited in various galleries, I'll nominate only few: Vincent Harris Gallery, London; The Twentieth-Century Gallery, London; The Honiton Gallery, Devon; Chard Art, Chard, somerset; Triton Gallery, Torquay, etc.
As a musician Marc Yeats was commissioned by the St Magnus Festival in 1997 to write the anatomy of air for the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, and in the same year his I see blue has been performed by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. Pagan II and is it me ? were premiered in Tokyo, and in 1999 a waiting ghost in the blue sky seen the lights of scene in Italy, to mention only the start of a successful career. Since then, many other compositions have been performed all over the world and Marc has been many times rewarded for his originality. His talent and modernism were noticed and commented:
"That Yeats has something to say in the wild shrieking music is beyond question. He hurls himself at the sound with an admirable pure and savage impressionism." - The Scotsman on The anatomy of Air
"Marc Yeats is one of the most exciting composer I have encountered in recent years. His ability to use maximum with all timbres of the instrument, whilst never sacrificing the very heart of the music, gives the musician many challenges which are exhilarating to discover." - Kathryn Scott
"Marc Yeats' musical voice is quite unlike anything else; the music is challenging to both performers and audiences, and very communicative. He produces extraordinary compositions that not only look and sound good, but demonstrate a very high level of academical learning, while being breathtakingly original." - Peter Maxwell Davies
Source: Marc Yeats painter and composer.

Recently Marc has been shortlisted along with Ralph Hoyte (poet) and Phill Phelps (coder) for the New Music Award 2010. Their creation Satsymph will allow people to create their own "satellite symphony" through an iPhone app that will transform the London Eye into the world's largest musical instrument. Music and words will be triggered by satellites depending on the direction in which the user moves.

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  1. Thanks for the article - much appreciated! x

  2. @Marc Yeats - You're welcome Marc, you really deserve it.
    This is just a short presentation based on your website, the real thing will come when, I hope, we finally meet, maybe a "special" interview....?
    Dana xx

  3. Very interesting. Sounds like a remarkably versatile artist.

  4. Thank you for sharing Dana! I visited his website, and was amazed by his work!! Really splendid! His watercolors touched me a lot. I was also impressed by the evolution of his work as there was some archives. Great talent!
    (I tried to comment this morning, but the comment section didn't work )

  5. @nothingprofund - Yes, he's a very talented, versatile, original and accomplished artist.
    Thank you for stopping by.

  6. @Angelshair - Thank you very much for your comment, Mariam. I like Marc's art very much, and I was impressed too by his evolution; I like both his early and his recently landscapes, they are stunning.
    Glad you like it.

  7. @Danagib,

    I have been thinking lately if it would ever be possible to have a concert of my contemporary classical music in Gib. I have no idea how to do this, where the musicians would come from or the money to support such a concert, but really like the idea as much of my family come from Gib and many of them still live there (as you know)! It would be a wonderful thing if it could happen. I was wondering if there was anyone you could put me in contact with to discuss this possibility - a culture minister or arts council person - I don't know really - a rich sponsor who would be interested? . . . .I'm just guessing here and it may be a total nightmare, but, I'd like to give it a shot and see if we can take it anywhere - there's something very appealing about having so many family links to Gib that it would be wonderful to bring my music back there too!

    Anyway, if you have any ideas, could you contact me on my personal email - if you don't have it, Clive will . . or, use my website contact page and then I can reply to you from there through my normal email.

    And yes, perhaps one day we will meet and I can give you your interview! xx

  8. Hi Marc,
    Yes, I think that's a great idea and you should do it. I've spoken with Clive about it and he will try to make inquiries to find out a solution; I'll keep an eye on him, lol...As soon as we find something useful we'll let you know.
    He, he,he...thanks for accepting the interview xx