Sunday, May 23, 2010


As a continuation of my last post, I uploaded some of my grand mother's old pictures. Only few of them have little notes written on the back:

- "A dear memory from Helen, 21st of August 1932" - written on a wedding photo I didn't add here; I know Helen was one of my granny's friends, I met her few times. She used to come in the summer to spend two weeks at my grand mother's making our stay there uncomfortable, and my life a nightmare. I remember her as an old woman, former teacher, quite annoying in her attempts to ruin my summer holidays with math exercises, very fussy, demanding and hard to deal with; my Mom was a teacher too, a very good one, and I didn't feel any need to supplement my acknowledgment at all with somebody else's help, especially when I had better things to do, " to enjoy the summer".

-"With all my love, from Nicky, 4 of October 1942" - written on a picture I didn't upload here and which is my favourite; I know she was my aunt's best friend, never met her.

- "A memory from 7 August 1925 from L.Manea" - written by the lady in white.

- "This photo will bring me memories from the past and will remind me of my friendship with Rose, 7 of December 1940" - written by my aunt who didn't have too much time to think at the past and no hopes for the future.

Nothing at all about the two ladies, the old couple holding the young boy, nothing about the mysterious man; only the fact they all lived in Transylvania, Brasov area, sometime at the beginning of the XX's century.


  1. Life rushes by...thanks for sharing, Dana.


  2. Thank you very much for stopping by Edro, I really appreciate.

  3. These are beautiful portraits Dana! I can understand how you felt with this friend of your Grandma ruining your summer :)

    I have some pictures like that from my grandma too, and I don't know who most the persons on the pictures are, but I still keep the pictures preciously, and sometimes look at them and let my imagination goes.

  4. @angelshair - I'm sure my Mom knew all their stories, and now I regret I wasn't curious enough to ask her.