Friday, May 14, 2010


One could speak about or with Ioana Alexandra Diaconu for 2 seconds, 7 minutes or hundred of hours, as she's either deep as a lake or tumultuous as a waterfall, her fantasy & imagination have no boundaries. She takes you by surprise and enchants you as only fireworks' sparkles do: she's funny, spontaneous and extremely talented. The border of her eyelashes scatter your reality. She sings the heart & soul song, making surprising volutes between memories and future dreams; she's so wise as could understand children's language, and with only a brush touch could create a world.
In 2006 she graduated the High-School of Arts from Brasov (Transylvania, Romania), and started to follow Dramatic Arts University's classes in Bucharest. Her life changed the next year when winning an international competition about "design for a better world" with a scholarship at European Design Institute she moved to Rome. Of course that one hasn't been the only competition where Ioana made a profound impression at: she participated during her school years with many paintings, illustrations, posters and painted poems at different exhibitions and competitions taking place in Brasov (her home town). Her artistic activity doesn't resume only at visual arts though: Ioana wrote a play called "The winning game", a book for children "Sang story with cookies" in collaboration with the writer Mircea Doreanu, and more recently she has published a book of poems "Epimirand". She also illustrated Florin Piersic Jr's short-prose book "Terrible Oeuvres. Volume One".
As a student at European Design Institute she participated in 2008 at a collective exhibition at Maud Gallery (Rome), has won in 2009 another scholarship (for Applied Arts) from University for the Creative Arts, Rochester (UK), and won the illustration competition Ergo Italia Artbook d'Autore, to name only few.
These days she's keeping busy with different projects including girligirl wall painting in public places, engraving, hand-made chests and boxes of beauty, and making of a new illustrated book.
As for her free time Ioana claims she likes to create imaginary biographies for those sad, sad people waiting in the bus-stops, makes-up words, and sleeps a lot; speaking with her a few time, I could witness if I'm asked to that all these are nothing but the truth.


  1. I simply LOOOOOVVEEE the first artwork of your post!!!! She is really talented, thank you for sharing Dana!

  2. @angelshair - I knew you would like this. Thank you for your comment Mariam, I'm sure she will be thrilled.

  3. I like very much.I feel like texture coat and sadness and two children.Sadness and joi at the same time.Is amazing

  4. @Anonymus - Yes, you're right, there is a sadness melted with joy.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Privind lucrarile Ioanei, fara sa vreau incep sa-mi imaginez povesti.Creativitatea si imaginatia ei sunt molipsitoare. Ma provoaca sa descopar magia si frumusetea in cele mai obisnuite si aparent neinteresante gesturi , intamplari, lucruri.

  6. @Dana - Ioana impartaseste cu generozitate povesti, cu farmec si originalitate, cu sensibilitate si umor. Ioana "stie" si ne ajuta si pe noi sa aflam cate ceva despre frumusetea ce ne inconjoara.
    Multumesc pentru comentariu.