Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Everybody knows it is not so easy to make good portraits - you need special equipment, lights a good camera a nice background a good subject and of course the skill, or just luck. Even I'm not prepared yet and not very attracted to develop a portrait photographic career still I can enjoy to catch some beautiful "faces" opening a little window in their inner life. I took some shots few days ago at one of the events which took place on the Rock, organized by Clean Up the World Association. I couldn't help myself being surrounded by beautiful and interesting people not to compile a very small gallery. Here they are:-
Cathy, a very good looking young lady I wish one day to take a real set of pictures of, as I consider this image doesn't make justice for her beauty, but still I like it for the feelings involved in it.
"Old good" Melvyn who hates the camera, but camera loves him being such a "character" (and an enchanting person - he will kill me for this...).

My friend Aimee I'm very fond of and who's a wonderful person and a lovely "subject".
Kerrie who could be anytime a perfect "subject" for any photographer - for me as well if I ever have my own studio.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Morten is one of my favourite artists. I saw his work for the first time on RedBubble where he has a beautiful gallery. It has been difficult to decide which of his paintings I like most, as all are surprising and warm, exhibiting a huge sensitivity and understanding of the surrounding world. Only because winter is not very far I've chosen to display above his "Winter ballad" - source here.
Morten lives in Norway and he has been working as a teacher since he graduated the Nord - Trondelag University College. He grew as a painter in the company of other talented artists: Arne Isacsson, Lars Holm, Peder Mauseth and Morten Paulsen.
He has participated in almost 80 exhibitions during the last 10 years where he won lots of prizes. His art speaks wonderfully for itself making us to experiment emotions and ask ourselves questions about the meaning of every little thing we use to acknowledge in our way through life, and reading his statement we end up discovering the world step by step through his eyes, to see everything like he does: in a interference of meanings and colours, of weakness and power, of sublime and terrestrial which in fact expresses the continual fight between dark and light, between death and life.
Morten Gjul is telling us: "I try to portray the tension between the solid and the fragile in rural areas. I strive to convey the gravity and humor in small places. When there are no houses or other traces of human presence in the paintings, it is often the meeting between the sky and the sea that dominates. To paint with watercolor is complicated. Sometimes the technique and unforeseen events on the paper will stand and speak for itself, in a more abstract expression. Bringing experiences from real life into my art is important to me. Not a realistic reproduction of events and persons on the paper, more using the dark and light to express hope when it seems to become all dark. It is not about the weather on Iceland?" - source here.