Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Everybody knows it is not so easy to make good portraits - you need special equipment, lights a good camera a nice background a good subject and of course the skill, or just luck. Even I'm not prepared yet and not very attracted to develop a portrait photographic career still I can enjoy to catch some beautiful "faces" opening a little window in their inner life. I took some shots few days ago at one of the events which took place on the Rock, organized by Clean Up the World Association. I couldn't help myself being surrounded by beautiful and interesting people not to compile a very small gallery. Here they are:-
Cathy, a very good looking young lady I wish one day to take a real set of pictures of, as I consider this image doesn't make justice for her beauty, but still I like it for the feelings involved in it.
"Old good" Melvyn who hates the camera, but camera loves him being such a "character" (and an enchanting person - he will kill me for this...).

My friend Aimee I'm very fond of and who's a wonderful person and a lovely "subject".
Kerrie who could be anytime a perfect "subject" for any photographer - for me as well if I ever have my own studio.


  1. Oameni frumosi, poze frumoase ... optimiste.

  2. @Marius - Multumesc frumos pentru comentariu, Marius.