Friday, October 29, 2010


Regine Pfanz creates amazing jewelleries turning the icy silver in to a warm alive pieces of art.
She does this with love and tenderness, not forgetting that art means also challenge.
Her words tell the story, her work shows her talent:

"Going to school in Berlin in the early eighties, I fell in love with the big, bold fashion jewelry that was popular back then.Since I was on a small budget, I started making my own pieces out of found objects that I combined with materials from the hardware store.After moving to the US, I worked for a Metal Sculptor in Los Angeles and then started to take professional jewelry making classes.Over the past few years I experimented with different materials and developed my own style using silver, resin, and semi-precious stones.I still love bold pieces of jewelry and that is reflected in my latest designs." - Regina Pfanz.

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