Thursday, November 25, 2010


Pol Ledent is a self-taught painter based in Belgium. He started with watercolour in 1989, discovering soon oil painting better suited to his style of work.
He's taking part in many exhibitions and galleries all over Belgium and his paintings could be find in many private collections in USA, France, China, Scotland, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia, etc.
I was impressed by his love of light and colour, his capacity to transform the common world in a dream land mysterious and beautiful.
I've chosen only few of his paintings:
- "Almond Tress and Lavender"
- "Poppies in Provence"
- "Voneche"
- "Spring in Boiselles"
- "Mouzaive"
- "Wild Flowers"
- "In the Wood"
More images and information could be find on Pol Ledent website.
Source: Imagekind.

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