Saturday, December 18, 2010


Among the amazingly talented artists from RedBubbe, Lisa G. Putman definitely distinguished herself as a nature lover, her images describing a surreal and in the same time extremely truthful journey through the world we all live in. I've found on her website biographical notes I want to share:
"Lisa G. Putman is an Arkansas native, currently residing in Tennessee. Her photography showcases her subjects in natural lighting and vivid color. Lisa’s specialties include wildlife, nostalgia, and rural scenes. Her award winning photography has been featured in local art exhibits and online galleries.
Lisa’s background is in portrait photography with 22 years experience including college credit hours in fine art and photography as well as years of work experience. Lisa’s is also a Certified Picture Framer with the Professional Picture Framer’s Association with 17 years of experience custom framing artwork, and 13 years of experience teaching others to frame artwork. All of this experience, coupled with her passion for great art, have resulted in a keen eye for photography." - source: artist's website.
Few favourite images from her galleries:
1. Second Chance
2. November Morning
3. Brilliance
4. Sunday Afternoon
5. August Beauty
6. Backlit Morning Stream
In her own words Lisa gives a touching artistic statement:
"I've discovered, for me, although photography at times can be quite an undertaking, it is not a job, it's a journey. Photography is a calling, a life long process of learning and improving. Every moment of it is a fulfilling experience."
More on Lisa G. Putman website.

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