Thursday, December 9, 2010


Maria Rafaela Schulze-Vorberg was born in Bukumbi/Tanzania and she's lived in Quito/Ecuador, Birnbach/Germany, Cali/Colombia, Cedar Rapids/USA, Lima/Peru and Bonn/Germany.
She likes to define her art as "poetry of light":
"I feel a deep bond between myself and the virtue of light pulsing through all of creation. My photography is devoted to this magical world my inner and outer eyes want to discover and reveal. The camera is my instrument to convert the seemingly common into a rhythm of colours and light... revealing the poetry of light. It is my joy to behold these precious moments: the miracle of life dancing in ecstasy with the light at the threshold of heaven and earth.
To discover these miracles you don’t have to go far away. Many times it is just about changing perspectives, getting down to your knees, lying down on the ground, starting to see anew. You will be surprised about what you will perceive, how the daily and ordinary suddenly reveals the mystery of being deeply touched and embraced by beauty and light... you start listening to the silent song of light."

I've found her art beautiful, generous and touching. Her style explores feelings and faded dreams, sometimes revealing under a soft light sealed secrets; it seems all her images are the reflection of a sum of thoughts, hopes, dreams and pleasures.
I've chosen only few of her galleries:
- Eye-kissing light
- Passion of light
- Inner vision I
- Silent prayers
For more, please visit her website, Poetry of Light.

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