Friday, May 28, 2010


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My moment has happened, in fact, last Sunday when we headed to a lovely town, Castellar de la Frontera, half an hour drive from our place.
In 1971 the inhabitants were moved 7 km down to the valley to a new modern and white washed town, leaving behind up on the hill the old houses and the ancient fortress built by the Moorish in the XIII century. We visited both of them, and have been caught for ever by the lovely old town with its narrow cobbled streets, the scent of jasmine and the colours of roses and bougainvillea hanging over the white walls, the tranquility and beauty of the scenery, the stunning views over the Guadarranque reservoir and the kindness of the people - in one word, or two to be precise, absolutely charming !
Only few photos bellow for you to enjoy:

Monday, May 24, 2010


This photo was taken in December 2009 in Old Stevenage, a lovely town in Hertfordshire UK.
I loved it, even in winter the place was under "green domination", the mild temperatures allows nature to postpone its seasonal decline.
To view different photos from Spain, Gibraltar, UK and Romania which can be purchased or just seen, visit my website or my Imagekind portfolio. Enjoy !

Sunday, May 23, 2010


As a continuation of my last post, I uploaded some of my grand mother's old pictures. Only few of them have little notes written on the back:

- "A dear memory from Helen, 21st of August 1932" - written on a wedding photo I didn't add here; I know Helen was one of my granny's friends, I met her few times. She used to come in the summer to spend two weeks at my grand mother's making our stay there uncomfortable, and my life a nightmare. I remember her as an old woman, former teacher, quite annoying in her attempts to ruin my summer holidays with math exercises, very fussy, demanding and hard to deal with; my Mom was a teacher too, a very good one, and I didn't feel any need to supplement my acknowledgment at all with somebody else's help, especially when I had better things to do, " to enjoy the summer".

-"With all my love, from Nicky, 4 of October 1942" - written on a picture I didn't upload here and which is my favourite; I know she was my aunt's best friend, never met her.

- "A memory from 7 August 1925 from L.Manea" - written by the lady in white.

- "This photo will bring me memories from the past and will remind me of my friendship with Rose, 7 of December 1940" - written by my aunt who didn't have too much time to think at the past and no hopes for the future.

Nothing at all about the two ladies, the old couple holding the young boy, nothing about the mysterious man; only the fact they all lived in Transylvania, Brasov area, sometime at the beginning of the XX's century.

Friday, May 21, 2010


For One Moment meeting, please go on Linda's blog "A la mode stuff". There you will find the details, the banner, and the following statement:
"OM [one moment] meet up is a weekly gathering of shared moments that make each of us pause and connect with life. Learn more here and join us!
One day last week I discovered a forgotten envelope on the bottom of a drawer; I knew at once that it was some old pictures I brought with me last year from Romania. They belonged to my grand-mother, she used to keep them in an untidy pile in a large drawer; I remember myself being more interested in the jars of marmalade and jam which were hidden in the same cupboard. So, it happens I have no clue about these people names or their life stories ....., they should be my granny's friends or maybe some of my relatives; only one of them is, for me, a familiar face: from one of the pictures my aunt I've never met (she tragically died in 1959 at only 34 years old), dressed as a schoolgirl looking straight at the camera. This find brought back memories of my childhood, and every August spent at my grandparents. Even then I perceived it as a punishment more than a holiday, I have to admit the fresh air, mountains' water spring, peaks and chalets silhouettes seen through the windows as an unreal but eternal painting, the raspberries, blueberries and pecans which were everywhere ready to be picked, and many other wonders, used to offer me some comfort for being alone, far away from my friends, my books and the tennis court.

Friday, May 14, 2010


One could speak about or with Ioana Alexandra Diaconu for 2 seconds, 7 minutes or hundred of hours, as she's either deep as a lake or tumultuous as a waterfall, her fantasy & imagination have no boundaries. She takes you by surprise and enchants you as only fireworks' sparkles do: she's funny, spontaneous and extremely talented. The border of her eyelashes scatter your reality. She sings the heart & soul song, making surprising volutes between memories and future dreams; she's so wise as could understand children's language, and with only a brush touch could create a world.
In 2006 she graduated the High-School of Arts from Brasov (Transylvania, Romania), and started to follow Dramatic Arts University's classes in Bucharest. Her life changed the next year when winning an international competition about "design for a better world" with a scholarship at European Design Institute she moved to Rome. Of course that one hasn't been the only competition where Ioana made a profound impression at: she participated during her school years with many paintings, illustrations, posters and painted poems at different exhibitions and competitions taking place in Brasov (her home town). Her artistic activity doesn't resume only at visual arts though: Ioana wrote a play called "The winning game", a book for children "Sang story with cookies" in collaboration with the writer Mircea Doreanu, and more recently she has published a book of poems "Epimirand". She also illustrated Florin Piersic Jr's short-prose book "Terrible Oeuvres. Volume One".
As a student at European Design Institute she participated in 2008 at a collective exhibition at Maud Gallery (Rome), has won in 2009 another scholarship (for Applied Arts) from University for the Creative Arts, Rochester (UK), and won the illustration competition Ergo Italia Artbook d'Autore, to name only few.
These days she's keeping busy with different projects including girligirl wall painting in public places, engraving, hand-made chests and boxes of beauty, and making of a new illustrated book.
As for her free time Ioana claims she likes to create imaginary biographies for those sad, sad people waiting in the bus-stops, makes-up words, and sleeps a lot; speaking with her a few time, I could witness if I'm asked to that all these are nothing but the truth.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


For One Moment meeting, please go on Linda's blog "A la mode stuff". There you will find the details, the banner, and the following statement:
"OM [one moment] meet up is a weekly gathering of shared moments that make each of us pause and connect with life. Learn more here and join us!"
Again a quiet week, quite cold and rainy; sometimes the Internet connection has been so frustrating I started to wonder if we are really living in XXI century or I've dreamt it.

Still I had my lovely "moment": one of the collages I posted on MyBubble some time ago was featured at the Collective Collages group; another picture I posted on Imagekind got some nice comments; Marc Yeats who is a very talented contemporary artist made a kind comment on my post about his work; and a young and talented Romanian artist, Ioana Diaconu gave me the accept to write an article about her activity.... all in the same day. It makes you to feel good when you get rewarded with a nice feed-back !

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Something I've never done, and I'm sorry I missed it, it was to attend The International Classical Guitar Festival held every year at Sinaia, not very far from my town. I like classical guitar, I used to listen to old vinyl records, when tired after work I would sit in my armchair craving for relaxation. I wished many times to go and spoil myself few days under guitar accords, but for years the festival was held in spring which it was the most busiest time at work. This year the festival will take place between June 28 and July the 3. Guests (in concert at Sinaia's beautiful Casino) the very famous: Florian Larousse (France), Zoran Dukic (Kroatia), Marcin Dylla (Poland), Stan & Ionut Zamfirescu (Romania) and Antal Pusztai (Hungaria).
During the festival there will be also competitions for guitarists of all ages, for young guitarists, then master classes, guitar exhibition & workshop class, and the gala concert will be held at Peles Castle.
There will be a lot of important prizes, among them a special guitar created for the event, but the most important is that this festival was born from love and passion 27 years ago, and no matter what happened in the troubled history of Romania the show has continued to go on.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Marc Yeats is a contemporary classical composer and visual artist. He started to paint at age of fourteen, and at fifteen his paintings were already sold through different art galleries in South West of England. For almost ten years he developed and refined his technique creating amazingly beautiful landscape paintings (which are almost entirely sold being now in private collections). Finding the photo-realistic style too limited and then leaving England for Scotland, Marc finally discovered other ways to express his artistic sensitivity slipping slowly into the world of abstraction. Still based on landscape his late paintings show surprising emotions converted in unexpected colours and shapes. His work has been exhibited in various galleries, I'll nominate only few: Vincent Harris Gallery, London; The Twentieth-Century Gallery, London; The Honiton Gallery, Devon; Chard Art, Chard, somerset; Triton Gallery, Torquay, etc.
As a musician Marc Yeats was commissioned by the St Magnus Festival in 1997 to write the anatomy of air for the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, and in the same year his I see blue has been performed by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. Pagan II and is it me ? were premiered in Tokyo, and in 1999 a waiting ghost in the blue sky seen the lights of scene in Italy, to mention only the start of a successful career. Since then, many other compositions have been performed all over the world and Marc has been many times rewarded for his originality. His talent and modernism were noticed and commented:
"That Yeats has something to say in the wild shrieking music is beyond question. He hurls himself at the sound with an admirable pure and savage impressionism." - The Scotsman on The anatomy of Air
"Marc Yeats is one of the most exciting composer I have encountered in recent years. His ability to use maximum with all timbres of the instrument, whilst never sacrificing the very heart of the music, gives the musician many challenges which are exhilarating to discover." - Kathryn Scott
"Marc Yeats' musical voice is quite unlike anything else; the music is challenging to both performers and audiences, and very communicative. He produces extraordinary compositions that not only look and sound good, but demonstrate a very high level of academical learning, while being breathtakingly original." - Peter Maxwell Davies
Source: Marc Yeats painter and composer.

Recently Marc has been shortlisted along with Ralph Hoyte (poet) and Phill Phelps (coder) for the New Music Award 2010. Their creation Satsymph will allow people to create their own "satellite symphony" through an iPhone app that will transform the London Eye into the world's largest musical instrument. Music and words will be triggered by satellites depending on the direction in which the user moves.

For more information, visit


For One Moment meeting, please go on Lynda's blog "A la mode stuff". There you will find the details, the banner, and the following statement:
"OM [one moment] meet up is a weekly gathering of shared moments that make each of us pause and connect with life. Learn more here and join us!"

It's very difficult to choose only "one moment" from this week, cause it was a special one. First of all last Saturday was my birthday, and we had a wonderful Spanish lunch at our friends Carlos, Carlitos and Eduardo's tapas-bar. Next day we've been out spending an entertaining evening at the Tunnel in Gibraltar where, every week, musicians gather together for some wild jam sessions. On Monday, being a Bank Holiday, we headed to Marbella for a change eager to experience a relaxing outdoor walk followed by another Spanish lunch. Unfortunately we've been concentrated more on the commercial area, so I took only one picture. Again we had a delicious lunch, but not at Marbella, this time at Tubalitas on the beach, not far from Estepona. On Wednesday being my partner's birthday we spent a lovely afternoon with our good friend Barbie, drinking coffee and chatting, and then we had a really tasteful home-made dinner at home. I know the week will end in the same big style because we intend to go out this Saturday again in Spain for a "proper" lunch and in the evening "The boogie band", where my partner plays bass-guitar, will perform at the Tunnel in Gibraltar.
I can't choose only one moment, all this week it was my "one moment".


A distinctive feature for any community has to be their traditional costume. In Romania the variety of costumes, depending on the area (county), is just amazing. They are made using the same fabrics: woolen and flaxen textiles rich embroidered with silk, and leather accessories.
The difference is due to the clothes cut or length, hat shape, type (geometrical or floral) and colour of embroidery. One can write tones of pages about this subject only if you think at history, importance, diversity and beauty of the costumes.
Nowadays only in few regions, mainly in the north-west of the country, in Maramures and Oas peasants still wear their traditional clothes, especially on Sunday mornings when all the village participate at the religious ceremonies or at other specific events. Considering there are only few cloth-makers left trying to prolong this tradition, and the modernisation wave is very strong, it seems in few years these marvellous hand-made costumes will be available only in museums collections or at astronomic prices.

Photos source: Wikipedia, pictures originally downloaded by Marghiolita Rogojan and AndradaDaciana.
A bigger gallery of costumes can be seen on Flickr here, and details about the structure of traditional Romanian clothing, its history and evolution well documented and "punctuated" by over 350 pictures can be studied on "Traditional costume in Romania" by Eliznik (can be a little demanding, but it is definitely worth the effort).
Not to forget that Romanian traditional blouse was featured by Matisse in his painting "Romanian blouse", and used as an inspiration by few famous fashion designers.