Monday, January 10, 2011


I've decided to join the 52 project being interested to built up a kind of testimony of the year; it could be helpful thinking sometimes the days are skimming as ghosts with no evidence in anyone's memory.
First photo for the very first week of January has been taken in Alameda Gardens, not very inviting at this time of the year, but still a lovely place where you could breathe fresh air and enjoy your walk in peace and tranquility.
In background, one of the tennis fields (as a reminder that the first Grand Slam of the year will soon start in Australia, not that I need a reminder being an old tennis lover for a long, long time....).

I really liked the contrast between those different overtones of red and green, not a very common wintry image but, hey, this is Gibraltar! 18 degrees Celsius, no snow...bless!
Have a lovely week whenever you are xxxx