Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Jennifer Lommers, a truly gifted painter, lives in Corvallis(Oregon, USA). She enjoyed art since childhood, graduating in 1992 with a BFA from the University of Washington. She is a member of the Arts Center of Corvallis, the Currents Gallery in McMinnville and the EBSQ self representing artists online community.
Artist statement:
"Since coming back to the world of art, I have found more joy in my surroundings and in my life. I favor bright colors, lively shapes and lines, with an attention to the whole space of the canvas. I layer my paintings with color and texture as I play with the paint, color, and composition. Landscapes and flowers provide a fitting subject as they naturally provide the range of colors, shapes and patterns I enjoy most. Everywhere I travel I am looking at my surroundings with a painting in mind. I note color combinations and compositions to bring back to my canvas. I love painting from sketches and from memory to create a flatter abstracted image which brings more of myself into the piece. My paintings are always an expression of me, and how I see my world. I hope you enjoy their whimsical fun and vibrancy!"

You could admire and purchase Jennifer beautiful paintings on her website , and her Etsy or Imagekind shops; she also writes a charming blog.


  1. Thanks for sharing and to know about this remarkable artist.

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  3. How sweet! Thanks for such a kind review - and on such a beautiful blog!

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  4. @Jennifer - Thank you very much, you're very kind Jennifer. Your paintings are gorgeous xxxx