Thursday, August 18, 2011

Untold Tales Are Not Always Black And White

Please visit my last treasury to discover new shops and wonderful artists:
I've updated yesterday my photographic Etsy shop with 2 sets of postcards:

They are beautifully printed on paper stock with a gloss laminated finish and really affordable.
"Back in Time", one of my photographs, has been featured on Female Photographers of Etsy Blog as one of "the items of the day".

"Back in Time"
As for the day by day life still very hot, still summer, lots of tourists and relaxed holiday mood in the streets.
I've finished to read "The girl with the dragon tattoo" by Stieg Larsson and I must admit I really enjoyed it, and I would love to recommend it as a must for intriguing crime investigation lovers .
And my last, but not the least discovery these lovely blogs:
Enjoy your Summer time xxx


  1. Hi Dana, I hope you are fine and enjoy this beautiful summer!I love these skies!!! Amazing! I also love your new blog design! I have to visit your etsy shop!

  2. @angelshair - Hi Mariam! I'm great and I have some news, I'm going to send you an email soon.
    Thank you Mariam, you're welcomed anytime, I hope you will reopen your etsy shop soon for the new season.
    I've opened my jewelry shop either, but I had no time to list everything I've done (I'm busy with the local Sunday market).
    Email soon....till then a big hug XXX