Sunday, January 29, 2012


This is Silvo and he crossed Europe to come and live into my house. He left his little brothers before Christmas and spent few long winter days alone from custom to custom, without somebody to cheer him up; when the Christmas and New Year's Eve rush finished I found him out waiting for me in a small box smelling of cinnamon. He's happy now, watching television, he can't speak very fast English, but he laughs at "Friends" or "Two and a half men" and smiles all the time.
He was sent by Vesna and Mojca from Ljubljana (Slovenia) who are the artists behind Cherry Time . Here you could find unique cake toppers, crocheted amigurumi toys, handmade jewelry, crocheted hangers, felted pin cushions, lovely zipper purses and much more. They are talented, bursting with imagination and good taste, their work is absolutely lovely.

Vesna owns a second shop My Cherry Tree,  she offers gorgeous vintage items and re-purposed handmade lovelies and vintage tins, teddy bears, lace, porcelain, bedding or silver spoons.
All these delicate items are ready for you, don't wait too much, visit their shops and grab some lovelies !!!!