Friday, March 23, 2012


Spring is here, it's that time of the year when we use to wonder about a new start, we make plans to decorate our spaces or how to keep a diet in a busy schedule.  Maybe for some of us it makes sense to redefine ourselves by changing or improving our style. New clothes, different jewelry, comfortable shoes, the right accessories, each and every of them could help us to start the day smiling.
Today's proposition is a gorgeous series of hand-made and hand-painted ceramic necklaces; based in Canada, Cristina Secoban creates lovely jewelry, her necklaces are beautiful unique and original.
She tries to accommodate every customer by offering a good variety of colours, designs and styles and designing beads to fit every occasion. Each bead is made with love and in the hope something beautiful is going out into the world.
Exploring her shop, I've noticed her interest in colour and detail; her jewelry is in the same time modern and traditional, it gives you joy knowing you could wear something create with passion and patience, with love and great determination to please every customer. Here you could find a variety of colours and patterns: geometrical, floral, combinations of two complementary colors, dots, all truly for any taste and any outfit. As a bonus the shipping is free, no matter you live in Canada or somewhere else. Definitely she is a lovely seller and a nice person easy to deal with.
For any information just contact her, she is willing to give you the best service, and I'm sure you will love her art and wear happily her creations.

Friday, March 9, 2012


I love stationery and any other paper goods, and I know out there there are many others sharing the same "guilty" passion.
I could make a long list of items and shops, but today I wish to recommend you only one of them, a lovely and successful shop I found on Etsy. It is called krazykatedesigns, and I love it. Here you could find paper and felt supplies for crafters and not only, tags and postcards, rubber stamps and even ephemera and vintage items, anything you need for your projects and if you can't find it just get in touch with the seller and she will do her best to help you.
This is the secret for a great business, a friendly owner and an interesting stock.
Take a look at the window beloww to get an idea what I'm talking about:

I've recently purchased a blank postcards set and I was amazed by the paper quality, it is one of the best card stock paper I ever worked with, and I'm happily "immersed" in a crafting project since.
Take my advice, visit krazykatedesigns, check frequently and don't hesitate to get in touch with the seller for more information.