Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hi everyone,

To celebrate the end of Summer, the beginning of school and our returning home I gathered together, just for you, a collection of lovely items from different shops. I love autumn, and I keep dreaming one day I will have a really cozy home where to spend many quiet evenings close to a warm wooden fire, and a playful kitten. Mmmmmm....it sounds lovely, but let's see first what gorgeous items I've found for you:

Emerald necklace
Shabby chic metal trinket
Blemish sale dish towels
Modern white mug
Lovely vintage collection
Lavender sachets
Traditional Turkish scarf
Vintage paper stars
Red berry pillow cover

Vintage lace heart
Autumn bouquet

Floral pillow
Owl friends and a bird with a hat

Small ceramic plates

Vintage bee necklace
Vintage floral cotton fabric
Enjoy !