Monday, November 5, 2012


5 November

I do love a lot lavender sachets in all forms, fabric colors and embellishments.Spoiled for choice today I choose to share my admiration for Gardenmis, a shop that fulfills my aesthetic hunger: I can admire these beauties, and choose my faves for hours.

Lavender, Roses, Jasmine
Balsam Sachet Forest Aromatherapy

Lavender Sleep Pillow

All pictures and products: Gardenmis.

6 November

Rebecca Ringquist tells us to "Love what you love, make what you make" in a colorful inspirational way. Her shop "Drop Cloth" and her blog are lovely; her samplers are so beautifully done I've added her items on my wish list for Santa.

All embroidery samplers and photos by Rebecca Rinquist from Drop Cloth.

7 November
The party outfits from Anthropologie are gorgeous. I prefer the second and the fourth ones, but all are great, and I'm sure many agree.

New outfits from Anthropologie

8 November

Upon a Fold comes back with lots of goodies for Christmas !

14 November

I've got the green bug, lol...Now, seriously, I love "greenbugmarketplace" shop, and I can't make my mind which items I like more.
Here you have few examples:

All products and images: greenbugmarketplace

21 November

How about vintage Christmas tree decorations like these ones:

SHOP: JustSmashingDarling
SHOP: ChellesTreasure
SHOP: TheNewtonLabel
SHOP: boxofhollyhocks
SHOP: Pigeonatelier
SHOP: MyraMelinda

SHOP: redtruckdesigns

SHOP: ProjectSarafan

Aren't they cute ?

23 November

"Lovely Finds for a Busy Weeked" is a very nice sellection of gifts from Etsy; it makes everything easier, doesn't it ?

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