Sunday, February 19, 2012


Artist, mother, business woman, dreamer - these are some of the "faces" Anka Pandrea chooses to reveal through her writing. Only she doesn't stop here as she aspires to become a silversmith, a bookbinder or a guitarist, to mention only few of her interests.
Interested in beauty, art and crafting Anka is an enchanting presence in the European blogging world.
Her words captivate by inspiration and diversity; she finds relaxation in reading, films or in different projects: photography, cooking - weekly muffins, collecting owls or in a fresh started "owl a month" crafting.
Her blog stands out not only through lovely design, but it really gives you joy, it is a every day' surprise, something you don't expect, but it's there for you always presenting something new to enjoy: a great interview with a gorgeous artist, a recipe, or a journey through one of the most beautiful towns in Europe (Paris, London, Barcelona,etc).
Among the artists she interviewed: Kaija from Paperiaarre ("Art is all things that make people feel good. That’s how I see it at the moment. To me art is what keeps me going. I really need to create art to remain in contact with myself, it’s the way I process ideas and calm down."), Dana Stavaru ("Just go with the flow and never stop imagining and having fun creating."), Mitzi from ArtMind ("Talent for me is a discovery and after finding it, making the most of it. I believe that we all have many talents but the secret is to find what talent your heart lies in and focus on that. That may take years, sometimes even decades. It even may be painful as you get confronted a lot along the way but once you find it, it’s the most beautiful thing there is. Talent is a feeling that comes from deep within you. It fills you with happiness and it radiates the same thing and when it moves people, I believe it’s real. Be it music, art or any other form of creating."), Jullia ("What if I wouldn’t be an artist? This is not like a job, it’s a way of expressing something, which is hidden in each of us. Closing yourself inside and not expressing yourself in your own way is like being dead. So, if I wouldn’t be an artist, I would be dead."), Marie Nouvelle ("Inspiration comes from everywhere, from everyday life… we are surrounded by beautiful, interesting things, people, places that create a puzzle in my mind and give me ideas that are born on the canvas eventually."), Mina from Karuski ("Creativity is about doing things with a new perspective."). Please check them all, they are excellent interviews, maybe the best I've read in more than 4 years of blogging.
Hard to choose a favourite post, all of them are not only a pleasant reading but also very inspirational in many ways. I love how she shares love and experience with every word, she encourages and praises, she tries and defines, she admires and creates, she laughs and gives...
Happy Hang Around is a great blog difficult to ignore, easy to become addicted to once you have discovered it.
Enjoy !

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I'm sure you're going to love them too if you visit the city and one Etsy shop, called Ribonita.
For someone who needs, works with or just fancies stationary, Carla's shop is a really treat: prints, bookmarks, paper dolls, tags, etc, anything you would have dreamt about. All her creations are lovely, she helps you to enter in a world populated by cute creatures and beautiful princesses, charming delightful things that could only make happy your little ones.
I'm especially in love with her bookmarks made from laminated paper and talent, and imagination and creativity and...again love!). She is a wonderful artist and a great seller, everything is wrapped and shipped with great care, you will receive a perfect gift designed to bring you joy.
She also writes a lovely blog where you could get up dates about her work and for more images you should check her flikr portfolio. I found her Pinterest board gorgeous, so delicate and genuine, loved it to bits !