Sunday, January 27, 2013


- this post by Sania Pell about Abigail Brown's birds
- this beautiful driftwood items by Kirsty Elson
- a new "home" for Country Garden Stitchery
- "Pink and Grey" by Design is Mine
- how to make a beautiful mini paper rose wreath in blush, pink and peach by Ellinee
- these gorgeous tops and dresses from "free people"
- these lovely ceramics and jewelleries from "azulado"
- these beautiful photographs made with film and vintage cameras somewhere in France by "LumiereDuMatin"

Blog of the week: Pretty by Hand

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Zoue, a shop owned by Yasmine Aneica from Istanbul offers us lovely hand knitted organic wool socks and slippers, all beautifully made. Yasmine loves trees, cats and French movies; I like her socks knitted with love from organic wool with a traditional Anatolian folkloric motif.

BlueGrizzlePaper owned by Antonia from Palma de Mallorca is really helpful is you're looking for scrapbooking and collage supplies; you can find here lovely vintage paper for your crafting and altered art projects including cards, envelopes, tags and any other inspirational work you have in mind. It is a real pleasure to find from time to time something different from the traditional French supplies, and offering such a good quality.


Gorgeous finds in this list: Vintage January.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Country Chic Tea Cosy handmade by Audacious Textiles

Sunday, January 20, 2013


These are my favourites for this week:

- RossLab , beautiful ceramics in simple and touching shapes handmade by Ross from Italy
- YarnStories, a shop from Lithuania owned by Kate with gorgeous yarn and lace
- Miwary, kitsch and chaotic cottage chic handmade sewn accessories and housewares by Japanese seamstress Miwa Vicary
- 10 smiles by Stephany Levy
- Bed Bed Bed by Design is Mine

Blog of the week: Daniella Di Gennaro - Illustration

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


As a crafter living in Gibraltar one has to put up with lots of challenges, the biggest one is the absence of a specialized shop where you could find supplies.
The easiest solution would be to cross the border into Spain in an attempt to find something similar there, but this could easily turn into a Don Quixote kind of experience if you cannot speak a fluent Spanish and you don't have much time to wander around from place to place and from shop to shop.
So, for these reasons very handy is the huge virtual market one can explore with just few clicks of the mouse.
I'm not very accustomed to eBay, I prefer different sites, among them Etsy is a favorite.
If I would make a top ten list probably this shop will be very high in my preferences if we talk about general supplies including anything a crafter would buy ; if we talk about those supplies I desperately need to create my shabby chic lavender bags, tea towels, pin cushions, and others hand made creations the above mentioned shop will be definately top of my list, first place.
Just look at these beauties:

You can find here lovely millinery flowers, French inspired trim, gift tags, muslin bags, lavender sachets, lace, hand stamped trim, and many others, all being her creation.
I'm truly in love with this shop and I appreciate Mary's work and dedication; I like that every season she brings something different, she is constantly listing new items every time more and more beautiful, and there is a permanent stock you could browse and choose what you need from.
As a bonus you must know that she ships the orders the same day lovely wrapped; once you got them you're hooked, as they are beautifully made with love using quality materials, and you know you have to come back and buy more.
Her work has been featured many times in different magazines, and she also writes a lovely blog.
Trust me, go there and buy now if you wish to work some pretty Valentines for your loved ones...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It is an unusually warm weather for January (here in Gibraltar), and this is tempting me to continue my holiday and to postpone all projects outlined last fall. Sometimes an extended holiday is more valuable than a successful business, isn't it ?
I managed though to gather together some nice items in my favorite color, blue, in a pretty treasury.
Here they are:
Enjoy !