Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Beautiful crochet, granny's circles available here:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


If you think of Spring and wish to offer some lovely gifts to your loved ones check "Color me pretty!" my cheerful colorful treasury:

Enjoy !

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Just few links for this week, posts and things I thoroughly liked:

- illustration as passion - Isabel Valfigueira
- inspirational:beautiful photography by Oana Befort
- Free People crochet tops
- mycherrytree (vintage and handmade bohemian goodies) is back
- this post and this one from Persephone Post
- and this one too about Ana Vitorino's gorgeous work by Imaginative Bloom

Blog of the week: Everything Golden.

Friday, February 22, 2013


  I really love Damjana’s ideas for bags, and especially the plum coloured bag with the dragonfly and lace – it’s so individual and the lace trim is perfect. Very chic!
The little pouch in dark grey wool and red burgundy is almost too nice to use for cosmetics, but I’d definitely find a use for it. The one in gold is also lovely and I especially like the detail of the large bead attached to the zipper.
Her little house decorations are so cute... I’m undecided which ones I like best... the pale ones or the dark coloured set. I think that babies would love to look at the light coloured ones dangling over their cot before slipping off into sleep... and the messages embroidered on the sides bring positive thoughts into the room.
More stories about Damjana and her art you could find on her blog.
 I love folk art and Trieste Prusso' shop is a great example, these little sculptures are adorable. I like his welcome introduction too, listen: " I started making these pieces because I wanted to match the appeal of vintage with a new modern feel. I am constantly collecting antiques to match with my art. I love that each piece is totally unique and takes on a life of its own."
For more information, please visit her blog.
The rabbit with his carrots would look good on my kitchen shelf... he’d brighten up my kitchen, especially on cold mornings.
 I know a little girl who’d love these to play with... and she’d love them so much they wouldn't get broken!
When I visited this page my eye was drawn to the planter... it’s gorgeous! I love the fact that she’s designed a ‘saucer’ to catch the drips and leaks – and the colours she uses are warm and ‘buttery’ – it makes me want to grow herbs in my kitchen so that I could see and use it all the time.
Her bowls are just perfect in shape and decoration... I like the understated decoration and the colours she uses. In fact, all her ceramics work well together and would make a breakfast or tea table look really pretty – especially on a dull or rainy day. Just imagine, fingers hugging around the mugs on a winter evening and drinking a hot-chocolate drink! Mmmmm!
Please, visit Courtney website for more beautiful ceramics.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Vintage Top from vauxvintage

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Likes for the last week, maybe you haven't seen them yet or you would like to re-read them:
- book to check out from decor8
- lovely photographs by Beatrice Lechtanski
- gorgeous bedding from Anthropologie
- this post from Imaginative Bloom about Sarah Saunders' ceramic heads
- and a very nice and comforting one for those alone from goop
- again Anthropologie with Flower Shop
- and last but not least "roman de la rose" by fieldguided

Blog of the week: From the imagination of ladysnail.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Greta seems to have an eye for pretty little objects: and although they are so different and disparate in their own way there is a certain style that binds them together – in other words Greta’s ‘eye’ seems to follow a certain ‘thread style’.
She has a subtle sense of balance, too, in her creation of the images... the little group of antique keys are not only pretty in themselves, but are arranged in a harmonious manner contrasting beautifully with the lace behind.
The shabby chic wooden signs ‘You’ and ‘Me’ placed on the lace mat with the vibrant red heart set at a jaunty angle really catches the eye and her design sense once again shows through.
Pretty vintage Italian handkerchiefs are beautiful in themselves, but when placed in a visual counterpoint to the floral valise she shows herself to have a delicate sense of style. By contrast, her cheeky sense of humour is apparent in the little wooden vintage guitar... placed next to a piece of sheet music! It made me smile!

Zosienka has a designer’s eye with her little group of four wooden birds, showing off their ‘plumage’ with backs to the viewer... so that we can see the relatively ‘rough’ carving that compliments the delicate painted patterns on their tail feathers.

Showcasing more of her delicate sense of design is her ‘Bunny and the Moon’ tote bags in cotton... the rabbit’s head is set against a cloudy night sky with a crescent moon within a circle of greys and harmonises beautifully with the cream cotton of the tote bag. It’s washable, too, proving that something pretty doesn't have to be impractical!

Her cards, striking in themselves, evidence an ability to use empty space with style and balance...
Many previous Zosienka projects, paintings and animations, can be found on  her website and to follow her daily notes and observations, check her blog.

Keniya's shop is adorable – and her items show a surprising contrast. Her delicate and pretty lace bracelets don’t need a dark background to show off the lace... a pretty contrasting fairly heavy weave fabric is the perfect foil for the lacy tracery. I would feel so pretty and feminine wearing her bracelets and necklace.

Her sense of humour shines through with the pretty bottle worn as a pendant, tiny peppercorns inside the bottle tease the viewer... and the lone pepper that is forever attached to the side – unable to be a part of the collection and yet visually striking.

Her Boho twine bracelets are eye-catching and make me smile in their simplicity and ethnic charm. The tiny beads threaded along parts of the twine and the colourful ribbon speak of both a sense of humour and an ability to make something beautiful out of simple materials. This is definitely ‘less is more’ jewellery and adornment... and worn with a neutral coloured outfit those beads and ribbon would bring a lovely ‘accent’ colour to an outfit... and lovely to wear in summer.
She also has a lovely photographic shop called Melasha.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Gorgeous items, some of them never featured before; just follow the link Vintage February:

Enjoy !

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Little decorative birds from BackBayPottery.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Few recommendations from this week:
- the fabrics from A.U Maison
- the love outfits from Anthropologie
- the Red Nose Day raffle from "sixty one A"
- this post from Ellinee
- this bookmark from EphemerasGarden

Blog of the weeK: Dottie Angel

Saturday, February 9, 2013


There are only a few days until St. Valentin.
I gathered up a collection of lovely items that can be ideal gifts for your loved ones; just follow the link to find out where you can buy these Cupid's gifts.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Lovely vintage items from Italy all in this gorgeous shop: Gretaloves.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


- I love these vintage photographs mounted on stones from Augenblick Photo
- these vintage finds from Zu Hause Berlin
- Brooke Albrecht illustrations
- this post from Decor8 about Mia Blanche ceramics
- this textiles shop
- this post about Vietnam from Mint
- this tutorial from Craft Passion
- this great shop, Ocean Swept

Blog of the week: Posie Gets Cozy

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Please take a look at this cute little shop (Sia has a button) owned by Codruta Moga:

How cute are these ? And how sweet is the idea behind her shop:
"I often feel like a child, sometimes shy but always with a big smile and a great desire to explore. I am now a mom to a beautiful and sweet little girl that brings sunshine in my everyday life. And lots of inspiration.
For her and for the children around me I want to create beautiful toys and home decorations. Because they are truly wonders of the world."

I love it and I hope it will be a successful venture xxxx

Friday, February 1, 2013


16 pretty items that can be yours:

For more details, please check my treasury here. Thank you xxxx