Friday, February 22, 2013


  I really love Damjana’s ideas for bags, and especially the plum coloured bag with the dragonfly and lace – it’s so individual and the lace trim is perfect. Very chic!
The little pouch in dark grey wool and red burgundy is almost too nice to use for cosmetics, but I’d definitely find a use for it. The one in gold is also lovely and I especially like the detail of the large bead attached to the zipper.
Her little house decorations are so cute... I’m undecided which ones I like best... the pale ones or the dark coloured set. I think that babies would love to look at the light coloured ones dangling over their cot before slipping off into sleep... and the messages embroidered on the sides bring positive thoughts into the room.
More stories about Damjana and her art you could find on her blog.
 I love folk art and Trieste Prusso' shop is a great example, these little sculptures are adorable. I like his welcome introduction too, listen: " I started making these pieces because I wanted to match the appeal of vintage with a new modern feel. I am constantly collecting antiques to match with my art. I love that each piece is totally unique and takes on a life of its own."
For more information, please visit her blog.
The rabbit with his carrots would look good on my kitchen shelf... he’d brighten up my kitchen, especially on cold mornings.
 I know a little girl who’d love these to play with... and she’d love them so much they wouldn't get broken!
When I visited this page my eye was drawn to the planter... it’s gorgeous! I love the fact that she’s designed a ‘saucer’ to catch the drips and leaks – and the colours she uses are warm and ‘buttery’ – it makes me want to grow herbs in my kitchen so that I could see and use it all the time.
Her bowls are just perfect in shape and decoration... I like the understated decoration and the colours she uses. In fact, all her ceramics work well together and would make a breakfast or tea table look really pretty – especially on a dull or rainy day. Just imagine, fingers hugging around the mugs on a winter evening and drinking a hot-chocolate drink! Mmmmm!
Please, visit Courtney website for more beautiful ceramics.

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