Saturday, March 2, 2013


I've got this lovely snowdrop from Irina; it is one of the most well known symbols of Spring and brings you luck if you wear it (pinned on your top) starting with 1st of March; this is a tradition that has survived from Roman times.
All the women in Romania wear it with joy knowing that winter is over and from now on the good weather will awaken the nature to life.
According with the Roman calendar, March the 1st was the first communion day of the new year, a day dedicated to a festival in which they celebrated Mars, the god of war, agriculture, nature and Spring.
Of course you can wear other charms too: hearts, different flowers, animals and so on, anything you like; usually you get the charm as a present from someone who cares about you: a friend, lover, parent, colleague, etc; always it is the man who gives this charm, very rarely is the women who offers it to a man. The charm has a red and white silk thread; it was considered by Romans that red signifies vitality and victory and white, renewal or purification. In another interpretation, the red signifying life is a hallmark of women, and white, depicting clearness or lucidity, is a symbol of man; in this way the charm's cord could be seen as a weaving and merging of the yin and yang.Having originally designed to protect against the evil eye, fever or sickness, 1st of March charm became in modern times a lucky charm that brings health, love and wealth.

The information about this tradition comes from here.

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