Saturday, April 13, 2013


I love love this shop ! It is not only the elegant way Tammy uses her skills to create new glorious items from old shabby ones, but also the way she puts them into light; obviously she follows a certain theme being very consistent in presentation making every item a star in a very feminine and elegant show.

Earthy, organic I could say, this type of jewelry connects you with nature, awakes your primordial forgotten feelings; these intense shades of brown gold purple and red create a certain mood reviving your wish to explore and spend more time outdoors in a "green and brown mossy" world. Lovely work !
We are talking again about elegance, a peaceful one so enjoyable. I love the grey shades the fine shadows and even the name of this shop, "Domestic Stories", so gorgeous ! It follows a minimalistic vein but a very esthetic and soulfulness one. It is a pleasure to look at these prints, it is a luck to find such artistic beauty !


  1. Buna Dana, a ajuns pachetul tau, multumim mult de tot. Daca nu te deranjeaza asta, ma gandesc sa folosesc etichetele tale intr-un proiect al meu :)
    Numai bine iti doresc, tie si familiei tale!

  2. Buna Irina, ma bucur ca in sfarsit a ajuns, am crezut ca s-a pierdut. Poti sa folosesti etichetele cum vrei, sunt ale tale acum, lol..
    Numai bine si voua xxxx