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* Cashmere bunny tutorial from Betz White
* This post by Stephanie Ryan
* Anna Bossa's shop
* This Persephone post
* Cox and Cox Sale Room

Blog of the week: The Blue Rabbit House

Friday, March 22, 2013


                                 Vintage painted wooden spoons from nancyplage

A set of three hankerchiefs from piggledee

Tote bag from memake
                                              Boot socks from Slicknits

For more blue gifts, please check Blue Touch.

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There are just food related photos, but I really like them; take a look at what she sold too, there are few there very simple with blackberries, blueberries and tulips...sometimes the simplest, the prettiest. I love the one with the eggs... the tea-towel makes it look really old-fashioned and wholesome. A few of the photos, such as the one with the peaches, make the food look really appetising and makes my mouth water to look at it. I like the way the honey seems to ooze there on the saucer... it’s almost saying, ‘Dip your finger in and try me!’ It’s fatal to look at pictures of food... that’s probably why recipe books with lots of illustrations work so well... our eyes devour the food and our mouths start to water. Not good for dieting!
They belong to a very young and talented photographer, Hannah Queen from Georgia. She likes to bake and takes photos, she's only 21 y.o. but I'm sure we will hear soon more about her.
Check also her website: www.honeyandjam and her flickr portfolio: www.flickr.com/photos/honeyandjam.

This one for the quirkiness of her items – I love her ‘Painter’s bag’ the really colourful patch at the top looks both classy and artistic... the sort of bag I’d use and be proud to show off. That goatskin cuff looks interesting, soft and supple leather with the detail of the fastener... quirky! "Emily in Africa" is a lovely piece... I’m always drawn to jewellery that has turquoise elements... especially as she’s combined these with earthy colours. The medallion at the back of the neck is a nice touch... so often this part of jewellery is ignored and yet it’s seen by others if one has short hair or wears it up. I love the lavender sachets, too, and the decorated basket in which she’s photographed them. A nice idea to put them in one’s bag or pocket... one I will remember! The little stormy bag is gorgeous, too, especially as it’s got a contrasting lining... and that patch of lambswool is brilliant! Looking at the materials I almost feel her love for texture and gorgeous fabrics.
This is LaTouchables I'm talking about, based in the Sunny Rhine Valley from Germany; Dawn, the artist behind LaTouchables is remarkable, just read her profile, God, that's great ! And don't forget to read her interview as a featured Etsy seller too: http://www.etsy.com/blog/en/2011/featured-seller-la-touchables/.
P.S.Sorry to see she's just closed the shop for the weekend, but she will be back on next Monday, 25 th of March.

Aren't these the cutest softies you ever seen ? Emma is a young artist with a real talent and a big heart; she likes to make things, to have lovely dreams, and especially to knit.
I love these little faces and those tiny jumpers Emma knits with skill and love; I love teddies and cute bunnies and I'm sure any baby, teenager or grown-up will agree with me.
This is a fresh shop, but already with lots of fans. Take my advice: buy two softies and you will get a pretty sock owl free, hurry up, there's a limited time promotion on ! Buy a cutie, make a child happy, bring a smile on your face !
P.S. Her softies are around 6 inches, the eyes are secured and the stuffing is hypoallergenic.
These lovelies need a new home....

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 It's a real pleasure to browse Etsy's pages, to find and buy different things, to treat yourself to an exquisite item you wished for a long time.
"Treats" features gorgeous items from :

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I've recently listed in my shop few lovely vintage items: a decorative cloisonne bell, a mother of pearl locket, a hand painted gorgeous brooch and, my favourite, a beautiful fly brooch; all are in good condition, and ready to be shipped.

For a better look and details, please check my shop. Thank you xxx


                                           Handmade ceramics earrings from Azulado

                                         Reclaimed leather notebook from Bibliographica


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I like Etsy's treasuries, and this week I've seen lots of Spring items featured; usually Spring makes us happier and avid for color.
My favourite this week is, from far, MADA's treasury; I'm going to show you only few of her finds, to see all of them together in this gorgeous collection, please follow the link.



Just check these gorgeous Spring treasuries, ignore the last snow and buy something for yourselves to cheer you up !


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Lurk Packaging from mint
A Peek at My Plate from Stone Soup
Gorgeous hankies from Milarada
Vintage style passport covers from sugarcanetrain808

Blog of the week: The Little Things of Lily.

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Cute gifts for your loved ones:

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- Purple Haze Style from Free People
- Mother's Day Inspiration from Pompom and Twiddle
- this blog
- this dress
- this absolutely gorgeous post
- patterns and textiles by Leah Reena Goren
- this video

Blog of the week: The Boston Bibliophile

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I've got this lovely snowdrop from Irina; it is one of the most well known symbols of Spring and brings you luck if you wear it (pinned on your top) starting with 1st of March; this is a tradition that has survived from Roman times.
All the women in Romania wear it with joy knowing that winter is over and from now on the good weather will awaken the nature to life.
According with the Roman calendar, March the 1st was the first communion day of the new year, a day dedicated to a festival in which they celebrated Mars, the god of war, agriculture, nature and Spring.
Of course you can wear other charms too: hearts, different flowers, animals and so on, anything you like; usually you get the charm as a present from someone who cares about you: a friend, lover, parent, colleague, etc; always it is the man who gives this charm, very rarely is the women who offers it to a man. The charm has a red and white silk thread; it was considered by Romans that red signifies vitality and victory and white, renewal or purification. In another interpretation, the red signifying life is a hallmark of women, and white, depicting clearness or lucidity, is a symbol of man; in this way the charm's cord could be seen as a weaving and merging of the yin and yang.Having originally designed to protect against the evil eye, fever or sickness, 1st of March charm became in modern times a lucky charm that brings health, love and wealth.

The information about this tradition comes from here.