Tuesday, April 30, 2013


These finds are so gorgeously interacting in a celebration of color and delicacy that generates beauty. We have to be grateful to artists and crafters for their talent ( talent is when you've been touched by an angel's feathers for sure).
Please check this collection brought to attention  by LovesParisStudio.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Two lovely collections:

                                                          1. Gold by Lowe Jewelry

2. Earty Spring by honeyandsea

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Few favourites from this week:

- this Persephone post
- how to make cute crafty envelopes by decor8
- the new Eline Pellinkhof fabrics
- birds & nests rubber stamps from Cox & Cox
- this collection

Blog of the week: Domestic Stories

Saturday, April 13, 2013


I love love this shop ! It is not only the elegant way Tammy uses her skills to create new glorious items from old shabby ones, but also the way she puts them into light; obviously she follows a certain theme being very consistent in presentation making every item a star in a very feminine and elegant show.

Earthy, organic I could say, this type of jewelry connects you with nature, awakes your primordial forgotten feelings; these intense shades of brown gold purple and red create a certain mood reviving your wish to explore and spend more time outdoors in a "green and brown mossy" world. Lovely work !
We are talking again about elegance, a peaceful one so enjoyable. I love the grey shades the fine shadows and even the name of this shop, "Domestic Stories", so gorgeous ! It follows a minimalistic vein but a very esthetic and soulfulness one. It is a pleasure to look at these prints, it is a luck to find such artistic beauty !

Thursday, April 11, 2013


by arian

Friday, April 5, 2013


                                                  "April is no fool" - Spring gifts.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


These little houses are gorgeous! They each seem to have little ‘personalities’ and I’m picking out my favourites already. The little Italian house is brilliant with it’s green tiled roof and ochre coloured walls. The Little Home 296 with the little clock on the front is SO cute, too, with its brick detailed walls and tiny door painted in red. A little group of these on a shelf would be adorable! The little village with the polka-dot roofs are cute... but I think I prefer the ones that are more ‘realistic’... as the detailing is so lovely. My absolute favourite, though, has to be ‘Little beige clay house with red roof and polka dots and a tiny toadstool mushroom’ and can imagine these on my bedside table to smile at each morning! However, Rodica has cleverly made little Christmas tree decorations in the same style that would be a great hit with children (if they could keep their little fingers from taking them down) and the wearables (for brooches, perhaps) is a brilliant idea to wear on a coat or jacket lapel, perhaps, and would gather loads of comments, I’m sure. French and Romanian ‘chic’!

I’m sure that this artist must get loads of ‘Ooohs’ and ‘Ahhhs’ for her work... it is delightful! Surely her prints would delight any child (and anyone who is a child at heart!) maybe hung in the bedroom or small study.
‘DJ Dreams’ looks like the sort of guy that a girl could bring home and ‘Boys Have Feelings Too’ is wonderful with his wide-set eyes and cute pants. There is a lovely dreamy quality about her work... with colours and tints that give a delicate feeling to her work. ‘A good book has no ending’ has a different feel... reminding me of illustrations from my childhood... and is lovely, too. Finally, ‘Father and Child’ is a feel-good piece with the little one staring up into his father’s eyes in such a cute and pleading manner... super!

When I was young leather bound books were always something that looked and smelled wonderful... but they were always ‘out of reach’... literally and in terms of their content. So, seeing these beautiful little gems was an utter joy! The details such as the leather thongs that bind them and the small details such as a butterfly or a contrasting bead make them look really special. The tiny little ‘wearable’ book is so lovely I’d never want to write in it at all! The larger items seem to say, ‘Hold me, feel me, smell me!’ The tan coloured book with its contrasting bead invites the curious... ‘Open me!’ so I’d have to think carefully about what I wanted to put inside... too good to leave in a drawer I would have it on show to be seen and touched... so inviting. So, therefore, no secrets within its pages! I think I’d want to stick ‘memories’ inside its beautiful covers: photographs, pressed flowers, theatre ticket stubs... but all presented well for the precious memories they are.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Like always looking for a certain item I've found something else: beautiful vintage painted porcelain pendants; I wouldn't know which one to choose really, all are gorgeous and in good condition. Let's hope I'll win the National Lottery soon, and then I could buy them all !

Vintage porcelain bird pendant from terrysgotit
Antique hand painted forget-me-not pendant from LittleWomenVintage
Antique Chinese porcelain pendant Qing Dynasty from EurekaEureka
Two flip side painted porcelain pendant from Bryansfinds
Victorian mourning charm from ErinAntiques
Porcelain heart pendant from OnTheMarkVintage