Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I've listed few useful items lately, well I suppose useful for those amazing vintage collectors I appreciate so much, but you never know, take a look, maybe you need a sugar spoon, a nut cracker or some snail pickers...or something else you can use before it finds its way in a cabinet.

Small collection of pretty saucers

Antique Pince Nez

Nautical Charts Divider

Seafood Pickers

Nut Cracker

Sugar Spoon

Brass Flat Iron

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


In February I've decided to offer a new sale opportunity for those who like my shop so I've reduced the price for the next items:

A charming porcelain choir boy asleep in prayer

Vintage narrow white and golden edging

Murano porcelain necklace from '70s

Lovely silk embroidered lace

Silver plated knife rests

Hand crocheted collar

Don't hesitate to check these items' details in my shop or to browse any other section that grabs your attention.