Tuesday, April 8, 2014


If you like Japanese art and netsuke you must check Serghey Osipov's website, it is a real treat!
He started to carve netsuke in 1994, more dedicated from 2003; he prefers wood and amber but also bone, antler, metal, nacre for inlays.
He lives near Kiev in a beautiful area on the banks of the river Ros; here he finds inspiration for his remarkable art.

One-legged Sparrow
This is just one of his beautiful netsuke, one-legged sparrow; using his one leg the bird has to be cautious and patient. The artist thinks this is somehow symbolic for our human "one-leggedness" which is revealed in certain ways in each of us but in the same time it could be a stimulus for a re-evaluation and adjustment to the reality.
Netsuke are small carved figurines invented in Japan in 17th century; the traditional Japanese clothes didn't have pockets, all belongings were stored in pouches/woven baskets/small boxes hung by cords from the obi. These pouches were shut by sliding beads on cord; the fastener that secured the cords at the top of the sash was a small carved figurine called netsuke.

Friday, April 4, 2014


Oh yes, I love old sewing bits and pieces! I can't say I'm a dedicate collector, but I have few items I can't let go. I've found lots on Etsy,take a look!

            1940's French Buttons on Cardboard
Sewing Kit by Belding Corticelli - 1950's

Pin Cushions

Antique Wooden Spools

Vintage Needle Packs

Mother of Pearl Buttons - 1950's

Vintage Embroidery Thread