Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Yes, I know, it's not Easter coming soon but Christmas, is just that one has to buy when she can find something nice; it is a vintage German toy mainly wooden and paper mounted on a little "harmonica" that makes sounds when pressed, cute!

A lovely image in a silver frame (European silver; for me it doesn't matter if it is sterling silver or not, maybe I'm not interested to sell or melt it down but to keep and enjoy it every day).

A lovely enamelled pin with a real pearl; unfortunately the clasp is missing, still charming.

Mmmmmm, custom jewellery buttons, glass and mother of pearl, they are tiny (I must thank to my friend Susan who found them for me).

None of these is for sale (yet); as soon as I decide to sell them they will be listed in my shop or on my page.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SPOTLIGHT: The Retroscope, Greek Vintage Finds

The Retroscope
From Greece Sophia Kappa brings an eclectic collection of pottery, jewellery, home d├ęcor, folk art, curios and collectables; each of them is inspiring and beautiful.
It is a shop of miscellaneous finds expanding by the day with the help of her many friends and relatives who bring their old stuff to fill the shop; looking at these old items so decorative and charming you could sense a warm feeling of community and family.
With the winter celebrations not so far away maybe it is a good idea to start buying presents; this shop offers you more than one idea. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My First Car Boot Sale Ever

On Sunday I attended a car boot sale organized by the Rotary Club of Gibraltar in aid of PAAMOA, a charity that arranges classes for the elderly in Gibraltar.
I'm not a market/fair/car boot sale girl but I must admit I've really enjoyed it. I've been lucky to have a spot between two friends, we had good weather (a little bit too hot though), we've sold few nice items, all in all a good day out.
I'm sorry I haven't got pictures, maybe any new adventure should be visual documented, stored here then dig out in my old age to make me smile.
I've bought few little things, to be fair only three, lol, as I tried hard not to leave my spot and go to browse; I'm trying to de-clutter waiting for a well deserved change of address; yesterday I've sold mostly clothes, shoes and some crockery.
Here they are all my three buys for a total of £ 2.00 (I was really good as I've already told you, lol).

The Shadows with 14 tracks from 1961-1964

Two pretty scented dresses for my wardrobe

And three pretty blue & white decorative ceramic balls

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Summer is over, school has just started, we're all back at our old style of life, so to cheer you up and celebrate Autumn I have a small sale on my shop; you have there lovely precious items to choose from,  perfect to hold on while waiting for winter or give away with love to your friends.

September Sale